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ESORSE Pharmacy Benefits Management

Years ahead and moving forward.

PBMpill-pestleWith the most flexible, customizable software solutions and the fastest turnaround times for direct deposits, we’re the fastest growing PBM company in the country! Throw in real-time processing plus the industry’s only hybrid pay-direct card supporting e-claims with VISA® capabilities and it’s clear that only ESORSE provides a truly complete solution...


Real-time adjudication & payment

Learn more about the ESORSE HYBRID Pay Direct CardIt’s new, it’s better & it’s completely changing the claims submission & reimbursement process with multiple functions on a single card! And it does everything in real-time - EDI processing, adjudication, payment, reimbursement, monitoring & more.

ESORSE Claims  Management Services

Fastest e-claims payments ever.

Esorse-Approved-Monitor-133Our real-time electronic claims processing & adjudication services save you money & time -
we offer a 48-hour reimbursement guarantee with a simple, streamlined claims submission procedure that supports both online and paper-based claims. And our plan design analyses and reporting functions quickly identify claim trends and future costs.

Calling all Medical Professionals!

A faster, better way for you to get paid.

If you’re a regulated medical professional you can start accepting the ESORSE Hybrid Card today! Find out how:

ESORSE Drug Formulary Management
Custom plan designs tailored to your needs, goals & budget!

ESORSE Health Spending Accounts
More choice for members, fixed costs for payors.

ESORSE Solutions for Advisors
What’s best for your clients?

Preferred Provider Networks

We facilitate electronic claims & payments between, well, anyone..

ESORSE Solutions for Employers
Attract & retain the best with better, more flexible benefits.