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Esorse Corporation corporate policy is to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our customers and those individuals whose healthcare information may be identified within the transaction data services supplied by Esorse to our customers. This Privacy Policy describes what information Esorse collects and how that information is protected and used.

Esorse operates under the following set of strict privacy principles:

* We collect only customer information that is needed, and we tell customers how we use it.
We limit the collection of information about our customers to what we need to know to administer their accounts, to provide customer services, and to fulfill any legal and regulatory requirements. We tell our customers about the general uses of information we collect about them, and we will provide additional explanation if customers request it.

* We ensure information quality. We use advanced technology and well-defined employee practices to help ensure that customer data is processed promptly, accurately and completely. We also strive to render support services that are accurate and timely, according to the pre-defined practices and Federal and Provincial rules and regulations governing benefit administration services.

* We use information security safeguards. Access to customer data is limited to those who specifically need it to conduct their business responsibilities. We use security techniques designed to protect our customer data -- especially when certain data is used by employees and business partners to fulfill customer services.

* We limit the release of customer information. In addition, we release information only with the customers' consent or request, or when required to do so by law or other regulatory authority. When a court order or subpoena requires us to release information, we will notify the customer promptly to give the customer an opportunity to exercise his or her legal rights. The only exceptions to this policy are when we are prohibited by court order or law from notifying the customer, or cases in which fraud and/or criminal activity is suspected

* We are responsive to customers' requests for explanations. If we deny an application for our services or end a customer's relationship with us, to the extent permitted by applicable laws, we provide an explanation, if requested. We state the reasons for the action taken and the information upon which the decision was based, unless the issue involves potential criminal activity.

* We extend these privacy principles to our business relationships. We expect the companies we select as our business partners to honor our privacy principles in the handling of customer information. These include companies that (a) assist us in providing services to our customers; (b) supply us with information for identifying or evaluating prospective customers; or (c) are supplied with your information for the purpose of providing products and services to our Customers. In selecting business partners, Esorse considers the accuracy and quality of the data they provide, how they respond to consumer complaints and whether or not they provide opt-out choices for those whose information they process

* We hold employees responsible for our privacy policy. Each Esorse employee is personally responsible for maintaining consumer confidence in the company. We provide training and communications programs designed to educate employees about the meaning and requirements of these Customer Privacy Principles. Employees are expected to report violations -- and may do so confidentially -- to their managers, to the business Owners.

Protecting your privacy is important to us. We hope the following statement will help you understand some of Esorse practices on collecting, using and safeguarding personal information you provide to us on our Web site.

Esorse realizes how important security is to you, so we've taken a number of steps to enhance the safety and confidentiality of personal information sent to or from Esorse, whether over the Internet, by email, by web-access, by fax or by direct-mail.

In particular, we require that a “secure session” first be established, using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This is done anytime you supply or access Card account information in one of our secure online areas.

SSL technology creates a private conversation that only your computer and Esorse systems can understand. The SSL technology secretly encodes information as it is being sent over the Internet between your computer and Esorse systems, helping to ensure that the information remains confidential.

Esorse believes strongly that we have a responsibility to protect your confidential information to the best of our abilities. In the case of the Internet, securing access to you, your clients and their employees benefit account information. Or in the case of offline information providing firewall and a systems network designed to prevent unauthorized access, either externally by hackers or internally by unauthorized personnel.

In addition, if trying access private information online, certain areas require the use of an ID and password as an additional security measure that helps protect your confidential information. This lets Esorse verify exactly who are logging onto the Esorse site, thereby allowing access to account information, and helping prevent unauthorized access

When you have finished using a secure area of Esorse Web Services make sure you always click on the “Log Off” link. When you click on it, you will be taken to the Login Page, which effectively ends your secure session. No further secure transactions can be conducted without re-entering your User ID and password.

You should be aware that browser software often “caches” pages as you look at them, meaning that some pages are saved in your computer's temporary memory. Therefore, you may find that clicking on your “Back” button shows you a saved version of a previously viewed page. Please keep in mind that caching in no way affects the security of your confidential User ID or password. If you use a computer in a public place to access your account information, please quit/exit the browser software before leaving. This will decrease the possibility of anyone else viewing your confidential information. No other users will be able to access your companies account information or in the case of employees their benefit account information, online without your User ID and password.

Other Companies
In order to bring you the many products and services offered by Esorse, we work with carefully selected business partners and vendors. If we have to share any information with these companies in order to provide the product or service, we first conduct a careful evaluation of their information and security systems and practices, and require administrative, technical and physical safeguards to ensure the security and confidentiality of Esorse customer information. At any time, we may audit our partners and vendors to verify the continued security of their systems and practices.

Information Collection
Personal information -- such as your name, address, phone number or E-mail address -- is not collected as you browse.

Registration for Online Products and Services . In order to provide you with a particular product or service online, we may request that you voluntarily supply us with personal information, including your E-mail address and customer account number for purposes such as correspondence, site registration, checking your bill or benefits online, performing a line of service, or participating in online surveys and enabling us to provide an online product or service to you in an efficient manner.

Information Use
We may use information you have given us to, for example, provide a service, ensure proper billing, measure consumer interest in our various services and inform you about products and services. If you have provided your E-mail address to us or to a company we've partnered with to make their products and services available to you, we may send you E-mail offers. These offers may be based on information you provided in your initial transaction with us, in surveys, or from information that may indicate how services and products are used. These E-mail, Direct mail, Fax and Telephone offers come directly from Esorse.

We may send you offers on behalf of our business partners. Keep in mind that if you take advantage of an offer from a Esorse business partner and become their customer, they may independently wish to send offers to you. In this case, you will need to inform them separately if you wish to decline receiving future offers from them.

Our goal is to deliver offers to people who we believe will find them of value. Offers are developed and managed under strict conditions designed to safeguard the security and privacy of customer personal information.

Company Commitment to Privacy
In keeping with our commitment to your privacy and the protection of confidential information, Esorse is proactive when designing services and products that will store personal information. It is our goal to identify security issues and build systems/services that preclude unauthorized access. Although, Esorse cannot be held liable for personal and confidential information located on our customers network systems, we do promise to strive for a standard of best practices when it comes to warehousing your information at and in our facilities.

Because we strongly advocate the protection of customer information, we believe that the adoption and implementation of the Esorse Customer Privacy Principles, above, are good business practices, and will serve the interests of our customers in effective privacy protection. These Principles will be updated from time to time in order to reflect changes in Law, the Market and Administration practices.

These Customer Privacy Principles guide our conduct in the collection, use, release and security of customer information, as well as the responsibilities we assume as employees, including our dealings with our business partners.

If you have questions or comments about the Esorse Customer Privacy Principles, please contact Esorse Privacy Officer by email at or by mail at 385 Traders Blvd. East Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 2E5.