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About ESORSE Corporation

What We Do

Esorse Corporation is a leading provider of electronic health and dental claims processing with real-time adjudication and payment services to Insurers, Third Party Administrators, Insurance Brokers/Advisors and corporations across Canada. The company commenced operations in Toronto, Ontario in 2005 with the objective of automating and streamlining business processes to increase profitability for clients.

Enhance & Expand

Over the past six years Esorse has continually enhanced its system’s capabilities and expanded its range of services to include Pharmacy Benefit Management and Claims Management Services and most recently introduced a Hybrid Pay-Direct Card that can be used virtually anywhere as the payment vehicle for health, dental and other medical or Hospital accommodation claims.

We proudly present...

The latest example of our drive for innovation is the launch of the multi-function Esorse Hybrid Pay-Direct Health Card with a Visa logo that enables it to be used at any POS (Point of Sale) terminal by a Regulated Health Care Professional, Hospitals, medical product or service suppliers to receive immediate
adjudication and payment. Designed from the ground up to be simple, secure and convenient for both practitioners & their clients, the Hybrid Card combines multiple functions on a single card, backed by the most comprehensive range of system capabilities in the industry.

You come first:

Esorse employs cutting edge technology to serve clients of all sizes and types by anticipating future needs and enhancing its systems to meet client requirements at the lowest possible cost. We’ve built our business by listening to client needs, devining market trends and creatively delivering best-in-class solutions.

Unparalleled flexibility

Esorse offers flexibility that is not available from competing pay direct card providers or insurers, who are constrained by old legacy systems and ways of conducting business. The company currently serves several hundred clients with many thousands of participants on a national basis. It is totally independent of any insurance company and is privately owned.

Our Products & Services

HYBRID Pay Direct Card

The ESORSE HYBRID Pay Direct Card
Revolutionizing the way claims are submitted, adjudicated & reimbursed - all in real-time!

Pharmacy Benefits Management

ESORSE Pharmacy Benefit Management
The most flexible, customizable software solutions available - plus the fastest turn-around times!

Drug Formulary Management

ESORSE Drug Formulary Management
Customized plan designs tailor-made to address your usage characteristics and cost goals.

Claims Management Services

ESORSE Claims Management Services
In-house, real-time claims processing & adjudication with no cost markups or hidden fees!

Health Spending Account

ESORSE Health Spending Account
A supplement or alternative to traditional health insurance with a wider range of claimable expenses.



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